Wild Rift

May 23, 2023
Animation Concept &Pre Production We took the freedom of the brief to propose the campaign format and mechanics. We then approached and engage URBOYTJ, one of Thailand’s biggest musicians right now to write a song uniquely for the campaign whilst weaving Wild Rift the campaign narrative into the lyrics and episodes. Concept &Pre Production We […]


August 1, 2022
Animation Campaign videos The videos were released each day over the holidays via Valorant Thailand’s social channels reaching over 500k total views. Previous Next Key Visual We worked with Thai artist Narupiti Harunsong already well known in the gaming community, to create a uniquely Thai & Valorant key visual staring the gaming influencers as their chosen agents. […]

Bentley Flying Spur

March 15, 2022

Behind the scenes With only one night to shoot, we planned a route through Bangkok, from downtown to old town to capture different environments. With a police escort in tow, we were able to clear roads and get the shots we needed in a short time frame. What the client said “We commend the […]

Michelin Guide Thailand 2021

February 9, 2021

Mathias & Thomas Suhring Chefs & Owners | Suhring Mathias & Thomas Suhring Chefs & Owners | Suhring Riley Sanders Executive Chef | Canvas​ Riley Sanders​​ Executive Chef | Canvas​​ Vincent Thierry Executive Chef | Chef’s Table Vincent Thierry Executive Chef | Chef’s Table What the client said “It was a delight working […]


February 5, 2021
Branding What the client said “To finally open my own restaurant in Bangkok, you can imagine that I had very strong views as to the concept, identity and positioning. This, partly because I have been dreaming of this day for a long time, but also because my family name is on the door, Keller. The […]


January 29, 2021
Animation PMCO The challenge To raise awareness of the PUBG mobile regional finals taking place in Bangkok. PMCO The challenge With limited time we decided to take to the streets using guerrilla projections around the city to raise awareness, ground level activations at key spots around the city and finally bringing it together […]

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