The Challenge

Preneur is a dynamic marketing and communications agency dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. Our task was to craft an identity for Preneur that balanced friendliness with professionalism. This challenge required a strategic blend of approachable design and expert communication to effectively support small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs.

How we solved it

We tackled this by deeply engaging with Preneur’s vision. Our brand positioning development process helped to crystallise Preneur’s identity. We utilised a mix of inviting colours and clear, professional typography, alongside diverse speech bubbles, to visually communicate Preneur’s wide array of services. This approach not only resonated with their target audience but also authentically represented Preneur’s unique character.

Speech bubbles and Expressions

Speech bubbles can be in various shapes to symbolize different things. The uniformed shapes can represent Preneur side, which is structured, and precise, while the organic shapes can represent anything related to Preneur, such as people, services, or subjects.


We use the glyphs from Rubik medium weight as our font of choice for creating the eyes
to give the speech bubbles personality, allowing us to customize different expressions as needed.
Using glyphs means you can easily convey a range of different emotions.

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