Maho Rasop 2023

The Challenge

Maho Rasop is an international independent music festival based in Bangkok, pushing the boundaries of local independent music tastes and unlocking people’s listening comfort zones. We refreshed the Maho Rasop Festival brand to reflect their independent DIY roots while keeping it accessible and recognisable to their existing audience.

How we solved it

We worked together with the founders to define their vision and mission for the festival, creating a new visual identity along side illustrator Marc Stuart who’s illustrations for 2023 helped set the brands new mood & tone.

Brand Positioning & Identity

We conducted a series of workshops that guided Maho Rasop in redefining their identity, objectives, and approach. This process led to the creation of new vision and mission statements, providing a cohesive direction for all future brand activities. These statements directly influenced the development of a new visual identity, reflecting the brand’s renewed focus and values.

Website UX

Our goal was to design a website that mirrors the essence of a DIY music zine, serving as a comprehensive guide to the artists performing at the festival. We aimed to capture the raw, authentic spirit of the music scene, creating an engaging and informative online experience for festival-goers.


In the animation, we aimed to maintain the DIY zine feel while updating it with modern techniques. We combined 3D and 2D graphics, glitches, and physical printed elements to achieve this balance


The aftermovie was our chance to encapsulate the festival’s raw energy and unify all our creative elements. 

Our responsibilities included capturing the Boiler Room performances for later broadcast.

Behind the scenes

The event was captured with a mix of 90s VHS cameras, 3D Film photography, Sony FX3’s, Blackmagic Ursa Mini, Canon 5d on hyper-lapses and DJI Inspire 3 for the aerials.


The camera crews were as deep in the crowd as they could get, capturing the frenetic energy of the people and the performers hoping to show a visceral, authentic journey into the very soul of Maho Rasop

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